The online shop of Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa aims to facilitate access to a variety of articles with our exclusive brand and a catalogue of various publications, which will always be updated with new titles.

The online shop appears not only to spread our brand, but above all to give visibility to the practical and theoretical work of our students and teachers, seeking new markets for our merchandising products and publications.

The available articles and accessories show the brand BELAS-ARTES ULISBOA, an entirely renovated visual identity applied to clothing and various stationery products.

The publications catalogue is very diverse, with books and magazines that cover many areas within Art and Design, among others, which are the result of constant research developed at the College, as well as exhibition catalogues that represent the latest artistic work, wether of students or teachers. Besides these, you may still find issues in e-book format, ready to download. We recommend a visit to every reader who seeks to enrich their bookshelf!

Convenience, readiness and easy payment are the main advantages of shopping in our online shop. Added to these, there is also the chance of finding true unmissable discounts or unique promotions.

This way, for those who do not want or cannot visit our College, just simply access the BELAS-ARTES ULISBOA online shop to find the same offer. Then you only need to choose and wait for your order at home!